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As a believer in publicly challenging strange decisions, odd statements and the general stupidity of some of our local “representatives” (though who they represent I’m not sure), I write letters to the local papers in Tamworth.

Some of the recent ones are shown below and any letters sent in the future will be added – whether they are printed or not.




I note that the local Labour party, the same party who controlled Tamworth for over ten years, are blaming the Conservative controlled council for all of the litter problems in the borough.

does Labour really believe that there was never a problem of litter or graffiti when they were in control in the town?

I have news for the Labour party; Tamworth has had the problem for years.  However, following the merging of the cleansing and grounds maintenance services by the Conservative council, Tamworth will have a cleaner environment for everyone.


PRINTED Tamworth HERALD – Thursday 31ST MARCH

The election campaign officialy has started yet, but we are continuously being fed lies from the Labour Party.

Not once have the Conservative Party stated that cuts will be made, we will look to make efficiency savings by reducing the amount of red tape and bureaucracy that currently Britain.

The public should be more worried is Labour get back in again in May, because we will see the end of the Pound and total integration into Europe, thus paving the way for Tony Blair to become President of Europe in four years time.

If Labour wins the next general election, will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights!


PRINTED Tamworth HERALD – Thursday 24TH FEBRUARY 2005

PRINTED Tamworth TIMES – Thursday 3RD MARCH 2005

I attended the county council meeting today to here the budget details for 2005/06 and the announcement of the 4.5% increase in the council tax, an increase that takes the total rise since 1997 to 78.8%.  Would Cllr Dix care to explain where all of this money has gone, especially as the controlling Labour group have admitted that the roads throughout Staffordshire are in a very poor state and that the required funding is not currently available?

I was also very disappointed to see Cllr McDermid stand up in the chamber waving a piece of paper condemning Tamworth Borough Council for an increase of 5%.  What does he have to say to the fact that under Labour, between 1997 and 2004, Tamworth Borough Council saw an increase of 107.8% in their share of the council tax?

The answer to both questions will almost certainly be….SILENCE!

Furthermore, it is a great pity that the treasury could not find an extra 1.5m for the Conservative lead borough as it did for the Labour lead county in this election year.  Then Tamworth could have announced a smaller tax increase too.


PRINTED Tamworth HERALD – Thursday 17TH FEBRUARY 2005

It is a shame attacks have resumed on the local Conservatives, but as an election draws near I suppose it is inevitable.

It seems the Conservative’s make very good escape goats when the “invisible” County Councillors and the 16 years late borough councillors fail to fulfil there duty to Tamworth.

As to these accusations that Tamworth is worse than it has ever been, well that is just silly.  The area in Belgrave, where those concerned individuals were pictured, is already getting increased visits from the cleansing dept following many requests by their new Conservative Councillor.

They claim the Conservative’s have failed on graffiti, but as the graffiti pictured has been there for years how can it be the fault of the new Conservative controlled council?  If old and unaccountable Belgrave councillors had done their job in the first place and not removed the money allocated in the local budget to repaint underpasses there would have been no graffiti to blame on the Conservatives.

Also, if the “Invisible” County Councillors care so strongly about litter and graffiti they could always give Tamworth Borough Council a grant for removal of the litter, after all the County Councillors are raising our Tax by another 5%.


PRINTED Tamworth HERALD – Thursday 20TH JANUARY 2005

PRINTED Tamworth TIMES – Thursday 20TH JANUARY 2005

The league tables for schools that add the most value have been published and yet again due to the pathetic education grant allocated for Staffordshire, Tamworth’s schools are nowhere near the top of the list.

When will central Government stop dragging their feet and raise the funding Staffordshire.

This county is the eighth largest in England but under labour, the seventh lowest for education funding.

SENT Tuesday 4TH JANUARY 2005

printed tamworth TIMES – ThursdaY 13TH JANUARY 2005

Nobody should be surprised at Brian Jenkins’ response to the amalgamation of the Staffordshire regiment in last weeks Tamworth Times.  Since the government came to power in 1997, Mr Jenkins has only voted against his party 15 times out of 1981 votes, THAT’S 0.76%.

At least we now know, whatever Mr Jenkins may say in Parliament, he will always toe the Government line whatever the consequences to Tamworth are.



Having read that Brian Jenkins’ is pleased with the merger of the Staffordshire regiment into the Mercian regiment, can I again remind him of his statement in Parliament on 29th November when he said; “I want an assurance from him (Secretary of State for Defence) that when the Army Board makes its decision and the configuration comes out, it will not be a question of our merely rubber stamping and endorsing it, but that it will come out to us for consultation.”

Also, Mr Jenkins said that the the Stafford’s are happy with merger, can I ask if he has actually spoken to anybody from the regiment because I have.  While it may have been accepted that the merger is inevitable the move is not welcomed by the rank and file.

Finally I have some more news for Brian; the insignia of the three regiments will be amalgamated to form a new cap badge.

How do I know this?  This was the planned outcome the last time the Staffordshire regiment faced merger in the 1990’s.

SENT Sunday 19TH DECEMBER 2004

PRINTED Tamworth HERALD – Thursday 23RD December 2004

PRINTED Tamworth TIMES – ThursdaY 30TH DECEMBER 2004

At last the truth is out - the Defence Secretary has announced what we always knew, that the Staffordshire Regiment, Cheshire Regiment and Worcester and Sherwood Foresters will combine as the Mercian Regiment.

Will Tamworth's MP Mr Jenkins now apologise to Tamworth Conservatives, who he accused of opportunism when Christopher Pincher raised a petition against this?

Also, will Mr Jenkins stick to his comment of November 29 in Parliament, when he said to the Defence Secretary: "I want an assurance from him that when the Army Board makes its decision and the configuration comes out, it will not be a question of our merely rubber stamping and endorsing it, but that it will come out to us for consultation?"

SENT Tuesday 7TH DECEMBER 2004

The government has announced that as from September 2005, all schools will have to have to allow every teacher half a day per week NON CONTACT time for every teacher.  A proposial that has already been successfully put into place by at least one school in Tamworth.

However, would Brian Jenkins please explain why the Labour Chancellor has planned funding for this scheme for is only ONE YEAR.

Schools in Tamworth can only do so much, before standards are cut and more jobs are lost.

The sooner this government realises this and increases the education funding for Staffordshire the better.

SENT Tuesday 7TH DECEMBER 2004

PRINTED Tamworth TIMES – Thursday 9TH December 2004

Since 1997 the amount of Primary Schools in Tamworth have seen the number of teachers fall while the level of support staff has risen.

This proves beyond doubt that under Labour, education in Tamworth is being run on the cheap.


Now we finally what Brian Jenkins is against, fox hunting and those nasty countryside people protesting outside Parliament against the ban.

Two questions Brian.

First were you also against the mindless thugs who went on the rampage through the streets of London during the Poll Tax riot of 1990?

And secondly, what exactly will the hunting ban achieve as not one fox will actually be saved as they will now be shot.  Also, what about the hunting dogs that will either end up in dog’s homes or even worse could be destroyed?

Instead of worrying about banning fox hunting this government should be sorting out the mess Labour have made in the education system that has shown a fall in the grades of GCSE’s in Staffordshire.



The Herald has recently carried letters from Labour councillors accusing the Conservative’s of opportunism.  However, it is not the Conservative’s who are guilty of this - it is Labour.

Labour councillors Cllr Seeking and Cllr Coachman recently supported local campaigns to block more residential building.  “What is wrong with this?” I hear you ask? Well, they never once said a word when in power to block the massive building that took place all over Tamworth.

When they were in power, and during their recent vocal support they never once mentioned that all planning is decided by the Labour Deputy Prime Minister and not by local council’s.

This is opportunism of the most appalling kind, but then again what else can you expect from the Labour Party?

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