Andrew James
About Me


Born In Tamworth in 1965, YES! the big 40 is fast aproaching (2nd May 2005).

Got a younger brother Michael and have been happily married to Debbie for 17 years and we have got two daughters, Rebecca 14 and Kirsty 4.

Sport, reading, TV, movies and politics are some of my interests and am a passionate supporter of Leeds United Football Club.


Work has been varied; before joing Exel back in 1995, spent 5 years in the family coach business, ran my own small business for 6 years and also spent 18 months working at the Co-op as a milkman.
Following on the family tradition, Michael runs his own coach company in Cannock, Invincible Coaches (the name of the company run by our father).


Taking a break from work

What a job!

Have worked at the Safeway depot in Tamworth since 1995.  The first five years were spent working in the despatch office processing the orders for the Safeway stores.
In 2000 transfered to Stock Control and am now in the team responsible for making sure that all of the stock within the Tamworth depot is correct.
(A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)


My Top 10 Movies:

Godfather I & II, Star Wars Trilogy, Alien & Aliens, The Deer Hunter, The French Connection, Silence of the Lambs, James Bond, A Bridge Too Far, Zulu, Independence Day.


Some of the music on my sound system:

Dance & Trance, Queen, Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Punk, New Wave


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